Seabrook Wines

The Seabrook Family have been part of the Australian wine business since 1878, starting one of the country’s most respected wine companies WJ Seabrook & Son.

WJ Seabrook started a wine brokers business in Melbourne back in 1878 assessing wine from many regions of Australia. WJ Seabrook, one of Australia’s earliest wine merchants, was a wine judge at the inaugural Royal Melbourne Wine Show in 1888. His son, T.C. who followed his father as an acclaimed judge for 35 years began working at the family wine business from the age of 12 and took over the business at age of 27.

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‘The Merchant’ | ‘The Chairman’ | ‘The Broker’ | Bin 158 | ‘The Judge’


‘The Merchant’

Wine Type Red

Barossa Valley, South Australia
Alcohol Volume: 14.5%

The “Merchant” was named after the company’s pioneer WJ Seabrook. He successfully contained a wine merchant business selling world class wines to patrons of Melbourne Australia in 1878. The first release of this wine was in 2005.

Since its release this wine has won multiple awards and continually achieves rating scores up to 96 points.


‘The Chairman’

Wine Type Red

Great Western Victoria
Alcohol Volume: 14.5%

The “Chairman” was named after Douglas Seabrook he was the Chairman of wine judges at the Victorian Royal Agricultural Show. The first release of this wine was in 2005.

This wine is also the receipt ant of many awards and consistently achieves rating scores of 94+ points.


‘The Broker’

Wine Type Red

Pinot Noir
Yarra Valley, Victoria
Alcohol Volume: 13%

The “Broker” was named after Iain Seabrook, Hamish’s father who worked in the wine trade in sales and marketing as a wine broker. The first release of this wine was in 2011.


‘The Architect’

Wine Type Red

Cabernet Sauvignon
Coonawarra, South Australia
Alcohol Volume: 15%

The “The Architect” was named after Hamish Seabrook’s great Uncle who was an architect for the city of Adelaide. The first release of this wine is vintage 2010.


‘The Judge’

Wine Type White

Eden & Clare Valleys, South Australia
Alcohol Volume: 11.5%

The “Judge” was named after the Honourable Judge Marshall Judge for South Australian Liquor Licensing court, juvenile court and family court of Australia. The first release of this wine was in 2009.

The 2012 vintage achieved an outstanding rating score of 93 points.  This wine is a consistent achiever in the portfolio of wines.

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