Boroka: History


The original Boroka vineyard was nestled on the side of the Grampians mountain range which provided this vineyard with a north-east aspect and protected the vines from the prevailing winds and is ideal for fruit ripening. The deep ancient soils of alluvial silica and basalt are free draining, fertile and enhances vine growth.

Vineyard guests were often welcomed by the Australian wildlife including Kangaroos, Emus and Echidnas which roam through the fields.

To improve the production and quality, the McCracken’s moved the core winemaking plant to the world famous Barossa Valley and under the watchful eye of Hamish Seabrook.

Along with the increased production capacity, Hamish also insists world class quality practices are adopted.

Today Boroka continues to ‘hand prune’ their vines and ‘hand pick’ their grapes at harvest to ensure fruit quality is never compromised, and ultimately the wine in the bottle is the very best.

Boroka has produced some extremely successful award winning wines over the years, particularly its Shiraz wines which are grown under ideal local conditions, producing a full bodied and unique flavoured wine, sought after by the discerning wine consumer.

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